The Starfox illustration book will be publish by Starfoxfans in Japan this Autumn !:D
I'm joining the project and drew one stuff to the book. But it may be released only Japan.X( I'm sorry for you! If I get a permission I can post the picture at this blog someday, I'll make the pict more small size, and post it.^^
(it will be small )

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  1. Very cool indeed. I hope that you are able to post up the picture, even if it is a smaller size I would love to see it! C:

  2. baww D: i'd love to see it. i'm sure it's great. :3

  3. You're pro. And congrats for that.

  4. I love this type of thing!! Anything with airplanes.. ^^ good job!

  5. I hope you be able to post it, even if it is small
    I live in Brazil , and I would love to by the book, but , unfurtonately I think it´s gonna be a bit harder for me to get it xD

    I hope you be able to post it

    I was DAwatching you while you was in DA

    now i here xD

  6. >Corey Patrick Miller
    Thank you very much!:D Maybe It needs many month I think, but If I can get a chance to post, I'll do soon!^^

    Thanks a lot!
    I'm sorry to post very small picture.

    hahaha!XD Thank you!

    Thank you! It's sooooo hard to draw all machines!

    Wow thank you very much!
    Yes I know, I would love to read Brazilian comics. But there are few way to import them.
    and thanks for you watched me since dA!
    I'll make new entry soon.<3

  7. Hi Nemuri! I'm happy I found your blog! I love your artwork and I really admire your colors and style ^_^ Thank you for listing me on your page. ありがとうね! :)

  8. wow! I hope to see the full Illustration!! :) Always looking forward to more of your work.