For Yanyu



ところで先日、今年発売するEpic Mickeyの予習と称してオズワルドの短編集を買ってみました。1920年代後半の作品で今のアニメーションと比べると素朴ですが、どのエピソードもおもわず吹き出してしまうものばかりでした〜! ディズニーにキャラクターの権利が返還されて数年たったようですが、なかなかキャラクターグッズが出てこないのは何ででせうか。ぬいぐるみあったら絶対買うのに〜!



The first picture is a present for my friend Yanyu!:D
I'm a big fan of her art, so I'm very happy to I could draw the fanart of her original character Vera and glass man.
Here is her blog and gallery, I'm sure you would love her works!X3

And I got the DVD of Oswald the lucky rubbit cause I'm very interested in Epic Mickey! I enjoyed all of films even though they are extremely old, but the fun and charm of animation don't change even now.:D
Oswald is a quite cute character! I add him to my favorite character list now.XD

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  1. You shouldn't be ashamed to watch something thats old, in fact just about anything old is better then today.

  2. Hahaha XD This is lovely! And is it me, or has your english improved? O:

  3. Oswald is full of trivia stuff. That's why I love him.
    (...once Walter Lantz won the rights of Oswald in a pocker game... that kinda zing.)

    I still love your art.

  4. >RooniMan
    I'm watching old Merrie Melodies series now.:)
    It's soooo fun! even though I'm adult, more than 60 years has passed sinse it made.

    Thank you so much!:D hehehe, I don't know my english gets better, but I can understand simple español language now.

    Thank you!<3 I think he is more cute than the mouse, cause Mickey's body is little thin.XD