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Loony Tunes(というかMerrie Melodies)観てるとテーマソングが耳から離れなくなるっていう不思議。


I usted to watch Looney Toones film, especialy RoadRunner and Wily Coyote.
Warner Bros's cartoon were aired in Japan too. I can't remember so much, but I watched Animaniacs and Tiny Toones a week. Every Wednesday...? or Friday or...
anyway in the morning before going to school.:D

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  1. I love it! You captured all their personality very well!

    Wonderful as always :D

  2. I remenber watching Road Runner and Coyote before going to School =)

    I also remenber the game for the PSX/PS1 Called Sheep Raider
    it was Awesome!

    also the bugs bunny lost in time was excelent too

    i used to watch these before going to sleep =)
    VEry Good =)

  3. Wow these are all so great! I love it!
    By the way I'm sorry about sending the package late, school has been so busy. T_______T;;!!

    I loved the drawing you did of Maia, but I apologize for not giving you the colors; I forgot. XDD If you want you can post it here. She's fox-orian.deviantart.com 's character.

  4. >Betty
    Thank you very much!;D

    Thank you!<3

    >MapacheHello, my baby Hello, my honey Hello, my ragtime gal♪

    In my childhood, Looney tunes were very good show in the morning! I wanna DVDs.X3

    Thank you so much your comment!:D
    You don't need to say sorry, I know you are very busy to your study.

    Ohhh can you give me more times?0_o
    I would love to re-paint or, I want to remake her please!:D