The last entry @2010


今年はToyStory3よりヒックとドラゴンのほうが熱狂的に支持されてた感じ。※ネタバレ絵なのでクリックして見てください。(This HTTYD fanart pic has a little spoiler! Take care to click.)


The first picture is I drew for the Starfox fanbook in this autumn.
And others aer also I did in this summer.
At 2011, I hope I can draw more arts than now.;)

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  1. Aaah!!!!! Gladstone,Daisy and Donald Human version are so awesomeeeeee!! *0*

  2. Your pictures are so beautiful and well-composed... I have so much to learn.

    By the way, which did you like more, Toy Story 3 or How to Train your Dragon? It seems you say something about it on the japanese text but google´s translation is not very clear.

  3. >Ilaria Catalani

    I'm glad you could understand them!XD

    AHhhh,I'm sorry I mistaked the Kanji which I wrote about HTTYD. So google translater didn't fail.^^;

    Well well, I can't select which is the best,,, but I think HTTYD has more crazed fans than ToyStory3 in my around.:)

  4. Nemuri!! Happy Holidays! \^0^/
    Ohhh, your StarFox illust is sooo pretty! *3*

    & I always go see Dreamworks & Pixar movies wwww. HTTYD was very good! You drew very lovely Toothless & Hiccup! ^3^ I wonder what are their names in Japanese? owo

    And I can see you portrayed Donald's attitude very well, even in human form! XD

  5. hey, merry xmas (little late, sorry! >n<') and happy new year :D

    the first pic is soooooo awesome (; u ;) and human Donald is so cute, such amazing expressions and perspectives! ♥

    may I ask you what program do you use to color? 'u'

  6. @Os★Hoshi

    Hey Happy Holiday you too!

    I love pixer and Dreamworks movies too, but unfortunately it always released Japan many month later.XP

    Toothless is changed "Tooth", and Hiccup cald "Hick"(I don't know the spell, but probably the pronounce "u" is disapeard.)
    I don't know why they changed the name.lol

    Happy new year!^^
    Thank you very much for the visiting!
    I always use Photoshop to draw lineart and paint for CG arts.

  7. So that's the full pic! I love it! Especially like Falco there; he was always my favorite. ;)
    Sorry i haven't been around for a while, and thus didn't comment on your lovely works. Just had some issues.

    And happy new year, of course! Hope the next is even better than this one!