Three brothers



Three brothers scribble. I made these characters so long ago.:)
I wish I could make their Manga if I have much time.

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  1. UGHHH I LOVE THIS!! Did you use any reference for some of the angles in these drawings? (Like the one with the canvas boards..)

    (HAHA sorry Nemuri I'm so bad at sending packages, it'll be your way at least before christmas.. TUT;;)

  2. God. I'm surprised by how familiar this looks to me. (I have two older brothers). Something you can eassy relate to. Nice as allways.

    Being the yougest brother sucks when you are a kid...

  3. >Yu
    I didn't use reference with the pose, but I looked for some props with each situation.:D

    Oh don't worrry about to the gift, I know you are very busy to your study! Please put your things before me.:)

    Hahahaha!XD Really?
    I'm youngest sister in my family too.
    I wish I would have a much elder brother, I'd love to treat him kindly.lol

  4. >potato farm girl
    If I make the manga, I'll tell you soon!:D

  5. Yes! Let me know, I will purchase it!

  6. Yo también soy el hermano mayor en mi familia, pero extrañamente nunca desee un hermano o hermana mayor. Pero si hubiera deseado ser un mejor hermano mayor...